From “The Ice Kingdom” To Supermarket Shelves Across The World: The New Line Of Frozen Paper Tissues Has Arrived!

Frozen New Tissue Line

Hot on the heels of the Oscar success of the animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, World Cart is launching its own dedicated line of paper tissue products.

Paper handkerchiefs in both 6x9 and 10x9 multipacks, boxes of tissues, paper napkins in 33x33 packs and, last but not least, kitchen roll: the line boasts a series of products with truly sophisticated and elegant graphics, the sheer beauty of which is set to “thaw” anyone, from the very biggest to the very smallest. Just like the cartoon itself which has been the highest-grossing animated film of all time.

The New Hello Kitty Line ,A World of Innovation Which Is Both Glamorous and Very Cool!

New collection of Hello Kitty Tissue Cube Box

We revealed that for 2014 we would be promoting not only new licences, but also interesting developments linked to the brands which have always made our company unique and recognisable throughout the world: the most important being the HELLO KITTY brand that we have proudly and creatively distributed in the paper tissues market through our offering original and endearing ideas of the highest quality.

For the new year, World Cart has not only created the special edition "Hello Kitty World Cup 2014" but has also decided to restyle both the graphics and the entire "Hello Kitty" product line. Starting with paper pocket tissues, two brand new collections have therefore been created:


The new products can be selected from the catalogue, in a two by two assortment,  and will very slowly replace the existing line which will be available until stocks run out. So don't delay, the new cartons of HELLO KITTY paper pocket tissues, as well as standing out for their much sought-after design, contain a beautiful and unusual print!

BWAAAH, BWAAAH, BWAAAH…Rabbids Toilet Tissue Has Arrived!


The Rabbids, madcap, energetic rabbits and popular protagonists of the video game developed by Ubisoft, make their debut into the world of paper tissue courtesy of World Cart!

And to burst onto the shelves as the first product of this line: beautiful toilet paper with a whopping 150 sheets to the roll, featuring truly entertaining graphics and decorations! The packaging is equally eye-catching, showcasing the most comic poses and expressions of these cute little bunnies. What are you waiting for? The invasion is about to begin!

Skylanders Swap Force Paper Pocket Handkerchiefs, The “Powers” Of The Paper Tissue Go From Strength To Strength!

Skylanders Swap Force New Tissues!

Skylanders SWAP Force, third chapter of the celebrated series of video games, is a worldwide craze for children and adults alike.

Always anticipating the interests and trends of the moment, World Cart wanted to dedicate an original line of paper tissues to this new gameplay, starting with paper pocket handkerchiefs. Appearing on the multi-packs designed by the company's Graphics Department, therefore, are the video games's best-loved characters, embodying the famous detachable and interchangeable figurines which are a hallmark of the new edition.

The colourful printing on each pocket handkerchief is particularly distinctive, allowing each hero's elements and symbols to stand out: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Undead, Magic and Tech.

The Return of Spider-Man, The Return of Paper Pocket Tissues by World Cart! 

Spider-Man New Tissue Line

Keenly awaited, widely publicised and opening across all European cinemas at the end of April, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro", the sequel to the preceding Spider-Man film, promises thrilling battles and rescues until the very last breath. With the emergence of Electro, the young Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man, must confront an extremely powerful enemy and protect his fellow New Yorkers, including his girlfriend Gwen.

Before the great battle has even begun and with it, the amazing reappearance of Spider-Man, World Cart announces the special return of paper pocket tissues dedicated to the superhero, offered in two formats: 10x9 and 6x9 multipacks.

Spider-Man pocket tissues are already available.

Pink Panther Paper Pocket Tissues Have Never Been So Pink!

I nuovi prodotti della pantera rosa!

Taking its inspiration from the Pink Panther - famous character of the animation world, as well as the protagonist of numerous television series and short films - World Cart has produced a brand new line of paper tissues.

And to debut as the first product, PINK PANTHER paper pocket tissues are ready to celebrate, with biting irony, fifty years of the most slender and sophisticated feline in the world. Offered in two formats, 10x9 and 6x9, the original paper pocket handkerchiefs show the panther's most famous poses on each pack, re-released and printed in pink on every single product.

Pink Panther paper pocket handkerchiefs are already available.