Hello Kitty Cubes

An Even More Glamorous Pack For The Tissues

New collection of Hello Kitty Tissue Cube Box

Style and softness to be acquired quickly.

World Cart enriches the Hello Kitty label range of products and launches on the market an exclusive novelty: the beautifully decorated tissues, packed inside an elegant cube.

8 variations, 8 pleasant and colorful boxes, personalized with the most beautiful and elegant graphics of the famous Japanese character.

Hello Kitty fans won’t be able to live without them!


The Flag Collection is Coming to Celebrate the Fifty Year Anniversary of the “Panini Soccer Players” Trading Cards

New Collection of Tissue Products Panini

Do you remember them? Ah yes, the trading cards the we grew up with are turning 50 years old and World Cart, always ready to capture the current novelties and facts, has decided to celebrate the event together with Panini, the Italian company famous world-wide for the production of trading cards.

Through this winning partnership the Flag Collection is created, very colorful and original, which includes single roll, tissues, napkins and paper towels. The flags of the most famous national soccer teams in the world are color printed on the packages and also directly on the product.

The tissues deserve a special treatment: for this reference World Cart has created 30 different packets, each one representing the colors of the planet’s most famous soccer teams. 

So, just like for the trading cards, get ready to collect them all!

Betty Boop, the Tissue Became Sexy!

Betty Boop

Skimpy charming outfits, the unmistakable large peanut shaped head on a breathtaking body, the short curly hair: the sensual and timeless Betty Boop has arrived, elegantly proposed on the tissues designed by World Cart’s Graphic Studio.

2 different cartons, 10 different packs on which the most sexy cartoon heroine ever appears, portraying her incomparable and good natured provoking.  Numerous black/white prints, tastefully personalize every single tissue.

Let yourself be seduced by Betty Boop’s incredible contemporary glam!

Convenient, Cheerfull, Fun

Tom & Jerry Paper Towels and Tissues have arrived!

Tom & Jerry Tissue Collection!

We have been waiting for them and they are here: Tom and Jerry, the funny characters from the Hanna and Barbera cartoon, have appeared on paper towels and tissues by World Cart, ready to colour every day gestures with lots of fun.

The new line includes the paper towels and tissues.

In the first case, the company has studied 11 different rolls, each one with 3 different tears:

Joining the tears, which reproduce in colour printing the funniest Tom and Jerry gags, results in a short movie. For this very reason, the first series of products have been called Episode 1.

Colour and variety also for the tissues: 2 cartons of 10 re-sealable packs, 36 tissues each different from each other on which, printed in full colour, show the scenes of the Warner Brothers’ two characters.

Cubed Smurfs 

The great blue invasion doesn’t stop!

the Smurfs

After the rampant success on every nose in Europe, the Smurfs come into our homes in a new shape. In fact, World Cart, in addition to the tissues in the classical re-sealable packages, has designed 8 colourful and original cubes that glamorously and friendly portray the stronger and better known Smurf characters.

Soft and delicate, always within reach, the new The Smurfs tissues are made of 3 layers of elegantly decorated pure cellulose.  Papa Smurf and Smurfette, Vanity Smurf, and also Jokey Smurf and Brainy Smurf...

What are you waiting for to see them all?

Start Up The Engines, Cars 2 Rumbles In The Kitchen!

Cars 2

World Cart  crosses the finishing line with the new Kitchen Towel

A fantastic four-wheeled adventure, the super abosorption  of the quickest  and ready to use kitchen towel.

Following  the success of Cars 2, the 3D cartoon arrived this Summer at cinema of allItaly, World Cart  proposes the personalised rolls with the most loved characters of the film: the charismatic Saetta Mc Queen, his nice  friend Cricchetto, the antagonist Francesco Bernulli.

Much color and happiness to discover sheet by sheet. The little fans of the film but also the grown-up will compete to have it.

Word of World Cart !