A all blue return!

The Smurfs are again the main characters of the silver screen

the Smurfs 2 the movie

After the success of the first movie released in 2011, Sony Pictures Animation comes back to the theatres of all over the world presenting the cartoon movie “The Smurfs 2”. It’s a planetary success announcing a triumph never seen before.

Created by the Belgian comics artist Peyo, the mythical little blue men will be again the main characters of the unpublished sequel. As the previous cartoon movie, this new one will be shot with both actors and animation characters by computer graphics. Thus, among dramatic turns of events, kidnappings and striking Parisian locations, once again the Smurfs adventures will conquer both adults and children.

Naturally, World Cat will be ready for the event with the beautiful tissue range dedicated to the Smurfs: decorated handkerchiefs and tissue paper, serviettes and napkins... there’s a wide range of merchandise. Fans from all over the world will rave about them!

Start filling your shelves, all the characters of the Smurfs collection are already available!

Peppa Pig, A Planetary Success

scopri i nuovi fazzoletti Peppa Pig

“Peppa Pig”, the English cartoon telling the adventures of the little pig Peppa and of her nice family, is at the moment a real event. Children from several countries in the world, in fact, are really raving for Peppa, a happy and positive character which unbelievably impresses  and reveals herself versatile at any goods category.

As far as products are concerned, World Cart launches the new, beautiful collection of tissue items which considers, as first reference, the paper handkerchiefs in the double format 10x9 e 6x9, already available since 20 may 2013.

But the surprises don’t end here: after the handkerchiefs, other fab items signed Peppa Pig will follow, which will complete the tissue collection making happy mums and children.

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Monster Tour 2013

The Kiss are coming back to europe… together with Hello Kitty!

the Kiss - Monster Tour 2013 in Italia

After  releasing the Monster album , The Kiss arrive in Europe with a huge summer tour, having a calendar packed with show dates and which represents a new challenge for the already long and fortunate “brand-band’s” career.

World Cart, on the occasion of this great  concert , which at the moment is making South America Tour registering everywhere sold out , is  preparing to make fun “noise” by distributing on a great scale. How? Filling your shelves with  Hello Kitty & The Kiss original tissue products: Toilet paper and tissues decorated wth the Japanese cartoon character  who stands out wearing the perfect Kiss make-up, therefore befriending the faithful fans of the American band!

Be ready, The Kiss are coming !

Spider-Man is Coming, The Most Excellent Super Hero!

Spider-Man New Tissue Line

With Spider-Man and the new tissue product line dedicated to him, World Cart confirms its passion for the cartoon world and the classical heroes loves by both old and young.

Creating as the first reference line the paper tissues, the company’s Graphic department  has been inspired by the “Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man”, the cartoon television series, currently airing on Disney XD/Sky. The cartoon is based on the same character created by Brian Micheal Bendis for the comic The Ultimate Spiderman, published by Marvel Comics, in which the story of the young teenager Peter Parker is narrated, a.k.a. Spiderman.

Follow us on his acrobatic adventures,

the fun is guaranteed!

Beautiful, Glamorous, Elegant: Minnie Is Back!

Minnie Banner

World Cart confirms its union with the most prestigious licenses by proposing in 2013 a great Walt Disney novelty. We are talking about Minnie Mouse and the fantastic tissue line dedicated to her, where color, elegance and fun come together to present a truly historic cartoon character: remember that Minnie Mouse debuted together with Mickey Mouse for the first time back in 1928!

With this new line, between mirrors and continuous  winks of the eye, Minnie unveils her great passion for shopping and clothes, shoes and bags. A real “fashion victim”, an icon of  timeless style, absolutely modern for mood graphics and tones, who elegantly personalizes tissues and paper towels.

We are sure: both women and children will love it!

Hello Kitty & Elvis: Two Worlwide Icons, One Single Success!

Hello Kitty & Elvis Presley New Tissue

After Kiss, Hello Kitty is coupled with another musical icon: Elvis Presley, for which just last August the 35th anniversary of his death was celebrated.

World Cart, always perfectly coinciding with events and the celebrities of the moment, hasn’t been contradicted this time either. In rhythm with glam and fun, the very original Hello Kitty & Elvis tissue line is born, where the Japanese character appears in perfect rock and roll style, imitating the clothing and accessories of the famous “king of rock`n`roll”.

The company’s Graphic Department for this occasion has personalized 2 cartons of tissues – one in a more colorful and elegant gold version – and the paper towels, proposed in a light blue