Calimero is 50 years old and is celebrating with World Cart paper pocket tissues!

Calimero compie 50 anni e festeggia con i fazzoletti di carta by World Cart!

Fifty years may have passed but he's not showing his age at all!

Calimero, the small black chick who made his first television appearance on 14th July 1963 in the animated advertisements created for Ava detergent, still makes us smile with his big eyes and cute little voice.

The brainchild of Nino Pagot, Toni Pagot and Ignazio Colnaghi, the unforgettable chick will return this year in an animated series in 3D and...on the brand new line of paper tissues by World Cart! To pay him homage, in fact, the firm's Graphic Studio has created an initial fun product: 10x9 multipack paper pocket tissues. On the original resealable packs, Calimero appears with his obligatory bindle over his shoulder, his enormous half eggshell hat and his most iconic expressions.

Calimero paper pocket tissues are already available.

From Japan to Brasil: Hello kitty also flies to the 2014 football world cup

Hello Kitty new paper tissues completely inspired to the 2014 World Cup

Not even she could miss this year’s most important sporting event: Hello Kitty, the most loved Japanese character of all times, will celebrate the most followed football championship thanks to World Cart!

In fact, the Italian company has designed new paper tissues completely inspired to the 2014 World Cup, with 6 different themes in which Hello Kitty poses all dressed up in her football uniform, wearing her little boots, top and shorts. As a background in the various re-closable envelopes, we can find the flags of the most important nations participating in the competition. The single napkins have also been personalised in occasion of the event, with a praiseworthy print that, due to colours and graphics, reminds us of the world of football.

Product available from April 2014.

Brasil 2014. A new, great goal for the Smurfs by World Cart!

Arrivano i Fazzoletti Calcio dei Puffi

They will enter the pitch more determined than ever, wearing the tops of the most important nations participating in the 20th edition of the football World Cup. We’re talking about the Smurfs that, thanks to World Cart’s passion and meticulous work will present themselves with unpublished clothing, purposely created for the most awaited football competition in the world.

The firm’s graphic design department wanted to celebrate the event by proposing 30 new paper tissues packages, in which the friendly little blue men wear the colours of the competing teams, improvising the most friendly and original football situations.

Get ready to support your team with World Cart!

Product available from April 2014.

Amongst the sling armed feathered friends and piglets, The Angry Birds tissues are coming!

The Angry Birds tissues are coming!

Angry Birds, the globally successful casual game, counting 300.000.000 played minutes every single day, in over 70 countries world-wide!

For all the loyal users – who never stop having fun where ever they may be by becoming the angry birds and playing against the greedy green pigs - World Cart wanted to create an exclusive Angry Birds tissue line. The first product debuting is the fun pocket tissues, proposed in the double sizes 10x9 and 6x9. Appearing on the package and also directly on the product, the famous birds and their invincible enemies…. Ready for the next launch?

Pac-Man toilet paper is coming!

Pac-Man Toilet Paper

World Cart, together with the most faithful and nostalgic players, celebrates the biggest representative in the video game history: Pac-Man. Doing so by launching the beautiful toilet paper which is the first product from the line where, sheet after sheet the Pac-Man mythical maze and colorful ghosts “trackers” are recognizable.

Since 1980 up until now, the Pac-Man craze has won and continues to win over users of all ages, a cultural impact beyond compare which is not ignored by World Cart: keep a look out for the upcoming news, many novelties are on their way.

The Pac-Man toilet paper is now available!

World Cart is Flying High!


The new line of tissues designed Planes is on its way

From the race course in Cars to the skies in Planes!

Before releasing the new animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures, World Cart is flying high, and even higher with the new Planes designed tissue line.

The unique collection proposes first the tissue line, five colorful packages personalized with the roaring characters from the 3D Comedy Movie. The most outstanding character of them all is Dusty, the little single propeller farm plane and his huge dream: to race in a real plane competition against the current champion Ripslinger.

Take a look at the Movie’s releasing dates, the breathtaking adventures of Planes are on their way.